How to perform toilet repairs


Many toilet issues occur inside the tank which contain the moving parts. Certain repairs are simple enough to do by the home owner.  Other problems may require an experienced professional to come perform the toilet repair.

How does a toilet work?

Side shot of toilet for toilet repair knowledge
Toilet Side Shot

In order to diagnose issues and have a fighting chance to perform toilet repair, you need to have a basic knowledge of how the toilet operates.

1. Pressing the level on the outside of the tank causes the arm with the chain connected (see below) to lift the flapper, which happens to be red in the photo below.


Toilet Flapper
Toilet Flapper, lever and chain

2. The flapper remains lifted to allow water to flow from the tank into the bowl until there is no more water in the tank, then the flapper closes, stopping the water.

3. At the same time water is draining, water flows into the tank from an intake valve that comes through the filler tube.

4. When the flap closes and water begins rising in the tank, the float (a ball looking item), begins to rise and once the float rises to a certain point, the water flow is cut off.

Most common toilet problems:

First off, before any work is performed on a toilet, you should turn the water off at the valve located below the tank.

The tank fills but water continues to run:  Remove the cover and check the float arm.  The ball and float arm could be connected by a collar which allows your to raise and lower the float.  The ball should be about submerged about halfway under water in order to shut off the water.

Tank Doesn’t Fill, Water Still Runs:

This usually indicates that your flapper is stuck in the upright position, allowing water to flow freely into the bowl.  Odds are that something is preventing the flapper from going back into the down position.

Water constantly runs into the toilet bowl:

When the flapper does not make a good seal with the bowl, the water will “trickle” into the bowl and you will hear the toilet routinely making noise.  This is a sign that you need to replace the flapper and seal at the bottom of the bowl.

Water is appearing from the bottom of the toilet at the floor:

This is a sure sign that you need to call someone.  There are wax rings hidden underneath your toilet.  Over time and by use of chemical cleaners in your toilet, these wax rings disintegrate and begin to fail.  Water coming out of the bottom of the toilet is a sure sign that the seal is going to go bad or is already bad.




Sewer Cleaning

by Dennis – Drain & Sewer Cleaning Professional
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Dennis Radle, sewer cleaning expert!


Radle Rooter provides full sewer cleaning service for Pinellas County Florida. Sewer cleaning, inspection and maintenance includes rodding, hydro jetting and 24 hour emergency service, 7 days a week. I have all the tools to remove clogs, clean lines and right in the service van. No excuses! No multiple service charges! No nonsense service; I will fix it!

Clogged sewer cleaning and sewer cleaning maintenance service from sewer rodding to hydro jetting, I can remove just about any debris from your main sewer line. If you have obstructions such as tree roots, sewer rodding will remove the roots by cutting through them. Hydro jetting is another sewer service that will push obstructions down your sewer line by using high pressure water to move the objects. If your sewer pipes are clogged, I can come out perform sewer pipe cleaning using a rodding machine, hydro jetting or do a sewer video inspection with a sewer camera of your sewer pipes.

For over 20 years I’ve been fixing drains and sewer cleaning. When others fail and begin to suggest that you replace your entire sewer line, call Radle Rooter and I can get your drain lines working without replacing your sewer line.

Don’t call the big guys and spend the big money on unnecessary repairs. Call Radle Rooter ASAP 727-265-1911.

Restaurant and Hotel Drain Cleaning Services

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Restaurant & hotel drain cleaning and maintenance
Dennis Radle, Owner & Operator

Restaurant and Hotel Drain Cleaning Services

When you have drain issues, your income is affected. Radle Rooter offers maintenance programs for your drain systems. Grease build up, hair and other debris can clog your restaurant and hotel drains. Routine maintenance will prevent your drains from stopping your business! Preventative drain maintenance will fix the problem before something serious happens.

Drain cleaning services for Hotel and Restaurants:

  • 24×7 Emergency Service
  • All work guaranteed!
  • Family Owned
  • Serving St. Petersburg, FL, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, FL and Pinellas County, FL.
  • Grease Traps – we keep them clean so you can keep cooking.
  • Upfront pricing/no gimmicks
  • Maintenance Programs – offered to help eliminate emergencies.
  • Free estimates
  • Drain Cleaning inside or outside, sinks, showers, bathtubs, storm drains and more.
  • High pressure jetting – hydro jetting is a fantastic way to open those most difficult of drains.
  • Video cameras to locate drain problems.
  • Pipe Locating – Locate hard-to-find tanks and pipes.
  • Catch Basin Cleaning
  • Fully stocked van to take care of your issue in one stop!

Rather than calling an overpriced plumber or the overpriced rooter guy, call me. I will come examine the drain clog, use the rooter machine or high pressure jetter to clean your drains on a routine basis and keep your kitchen running efficiently so you can continue to make money.

Preventing Plumbing Drain Clogs

by Dennis
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Serving St. Petersburg, Largo, Dunedin, Pinellas County Florida.

Preventing Drain Clogs

Clogged drains are avoided by creating routines that prevent the chance for drain clogging and performing drain cleaning at routine intervals.

Avoid putting food debris, coffee grounds in your drain plumbing. It is always a good idea to perform the suggestions at routine intervals. There is a number of things you can do in order to avoid clogged drain pipes.

Preventing clogged drain pipes:

After use of your shower and sinks, make sure you remove any noticeable hair or other debris that might be around the drain plug.

Do not ever pour grease into your drain plumbing pipes. Never pour cooking grease down the drain plumbing. Grease will harden just as it does when it sits in the pan. However grease will buildup in your pipes over time and prevent water from flowing properly in your drain line, it can also lead to objects becoming hung up in your drain line.

Fill up the sink all the way to the top, then remove the stopper. This will perform a simple flush of the drain line with the sheer weight and volume of the water mass

Check your drain stoppers to make sure that hair or other buildup is remove and water is free to flow down the drain.

Turn on the sinks, showers and flush the toilets to allow maximum flow through the main sewer line to move debris out of your sewer line into the main sewer.

What happens if I still get a clogged drain?

Sometimes clogged drains cannot be prevented by the homeowner. You can try the plunger or the drain auger, but if these tools are not successful, then you should call a drain professional to come clean your drain plumbing. Tree roots, rust in the sewer main line and other objects may prevent proper water flow to the sewer. These types of problems cannot typically be handled with hand tools and requires a rooter machine or hydro jetting machine. If you are located in Pinellas County, St. Pete, Dunedin Florida, by all means, please give me a call (727) 265-1911.

Our discounted pricing will beat most other plumbing companies pricing. Many companies will advertise $74 dollars, only to end up charging you hundreds!

St Pete sewer clog causes backup in shower drain

by Dennis
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Serving All Pinellas County

Another happy customer in St. Petersburg, FL! The customer called at midnight and water was backing up into their shower! Not good… Generally when you sewer line has a clog, it causes water to come up in the lowest floor drains in your house. In this case, it was the shower.

Drain cleaning to fix shower water backup
Clogged sewer in St. Pete leads to water coming up in shower

Clearly when water is coming up you drains is not sanitary. The photo is mid-stream in the my work. After a sewer rodding, the drain was working perfectly!

Why is water coming up my floor drain?

Dirty Floor Drain

by Dennis
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Serving: Pinellas County, FL, St. Petersburg, Clearwater and surrounding communities.

The floor drain is the lowest drain in your house, restaurant or building. Since water naturally flows towards the earth (using gravity), water must flow downward. However, if your sewer or drains are backed up, then the water will come back up through your floor drain. Almost anything could prevent water from flowing properly. I have many tools to open your drains from rooter/rodding equipment to high pressure water equipment called hydro jetting all in one van.

Water coming out of the floor drain is a sure sign that something is preventing the water from flowing correctly. You should call a sewer & drain professional to come evaluate the situation and make corrections. If you are located in Clearwater, FL, St. Pete, FL or in Pinellas County, FL. Please give me a call 727-265-1911. I offer commercial drain cleaning services and routine maintenance for discounted prices.

St. Petersburg Drain Cleaning Service

Dennis the drain man. Expert in sewerology!

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Radle Rooter in St. Petersburg, FL and all of Pinellas County provides full service drain cleaning service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Complete sewer rodding and hydro jetting services all on one truck completely ready to service the worst of your drain clogs. Not only can I help you clear your drain problems, I can also use camera video inspection to determine the cause of your problem.

Dennis Radle, Owner & Operator

Phone: (727)265-1911

  • 24 Hour service
  • Senior discounts
  • Drain Service
  • Family Owned, Locally Owned
  • No franchise overhead/fees
  • Insured
  • Serving all Pinellas County
  • No trip charges
  • Upfront pricing/no gimmicks
  • Free estimates
  • Serving St. Pete
  • Fully stocked van ready to correct your drain problem
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction

Tub drain, sink drain, toilet drain and floor drains, regardless of the drain problem, I can get it open for you. Professional drain services for over 20 years, I have pretty much seen it all. I can save you money because I do not have the big overhead of those other rooter guys!

I can open any drain at a very reasonable cost. Don’t call the big guys and spend the big money on unnecessary repairs. Call me ASAP 727-265-1911.

Drain Services

  • Drain Cleaning
  • Drain Rodding
  • Drain root removal
  • Main line cleaning
  • Hydro Jetting
  • Sewer Rodding
  • Sewer camera inspection
  • Tree root removal
  • Power rodding

Drain Cleaning Services for Pinellas County:
Victor, Tarpon Springs, Crystal Beach, Palm Harbor, St. George, Oldsmar, Dunedin, Mecca, Clearwater Beach, Clearwater, Safety Harbor, Bayview, Belleair, Belleair Bluffs, Largo, Belleair Shores, Indian Rocks Beach, Indian Shores, Baskin, Pinellas, Redington Shores, Oakhurst, Pinellas Park, Redington Beach, Bay Pines, Lealman, Medeira Beach, Treasure Island, St. Petersburg, Sunshine Beach, Sunset Beach, St. Pete Beach, Pass-a-grille

Drain clog? No Problem. Radle Rooter 727-265-1911

Dennis Radle, Owner & Operator

One of my customers recommended that I inform people that I have all the tools in my van to clean your sewer and drains. He stated, “(big rooter company) had to call multiple people to come out to get my drain because they do not have all the tools. You need to tell people that you have everything you need in your van.

So here it is, “I have all the tools to perform complete Sewer and Drain cleaning in Largo, Florida and all of Pinellas County, right on one truck.” 🙂 That includes drain rodding and hydro jetting. You don’t need to call the big guys and have multiple people stopping at your home when I have everything in one van. Call and speak with Dennis directly at 727-265-1911.