The 5 No's for Garbage Disposals

You can’t just throw anything you want in your garbage disposal.  If you throw coffee grounds, egg shells, pasta, rice, celery stalks, and onion peels, you are putting yourself at risk to clog your drain.  We just performed a sink drain cleaning (a sink autopsy) in St. Petersburg this week, clearing onion peel from a kitchen sink garbage disposal blocking water from draining.



Locating your sewer clean out

A clean out is a a white cap located within your front or back yard. The clean out has a square nut that is provided to open the cap. This is typically what is used to provide your drain cleaning, hydro jetting, power rodding, and camera inspection. We recommend that you do not open this cap because the contents are under pressure, sewage will erupt in your yard and most likely get on you. The smell is awful. You should wait and allow your drain cleaning specialist for St. Petersburg and Pinellas County to open this cap to provide your drain cleaning service.

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Clogged bathtub in St. Petersburg

When you flush your toilet, if water comes up through your shower drain, this mean that you need to call a drain cleaning specialist. This means that your sewer or drain pipe needs draining cleaning or servicing. There is clog in the main artery of your home and the water is coming up in the lowest drain of your home (e.g. bathtub, sink, bottom of toilet).

Servicing St. Petersburg, FL and Pinellas County.

Drain Repair

by rooter (Dennis)
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Radle Rooter provides drain repair service for Pinellas County and Pasco County Florida. If your drain is simply clogged, then your drain repair can likely be solved using a power rodder or hydro jetting. No need for you to dig up your sewer or other types of expensive drain repair.

Expert drain repair by Radle Rooter
Drain repair by Radle Rooter

Drain Repair

  • Drain repair without expensive plumbing or sewer replacement
  • Drain repair using high pressure water or rooter cutting head
  • Camera inspection offered to ensure the drain repair is working

Before you allow that plumber to dig up your yard for a sewer line replacement for a simple drain repair. Call Radle Rooter and I’ll perform the drain repair using proper drain repair equipment. Radle Rooter can save you $1,000’s! For over 20 years, I’ve many a drain repair using rodding and hydro jetting with a no-nonsense, never give up attitude.

Rather than calling another rooter service, overpriced plumber or overpriced plumbing services for drain repair, call Radle Rooter first and save money. All insured and all work is guaranteed!


by Rooter Dr. Dennis PHD in SEWEROLOGY
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Radle Rooter providing Pinellas County DRAIN CLEANING SERVICE. We do our best to be available for you seven days a week. I’ll fix that clogged drain with a smile.

Dennis Radle, Radle Rooter, clogged drain expert


  • Free estimates
  • Sink, Shower/Tub Drain Cleaning
  • Camera Inspection to aide in sewer and drain cleaning
  • Fully stocked van ready to perform your drain cleaning and fix those clogged drains
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Insured
  • Clogged drain cleaning for Palm Harbor, Pinellas Park, St. Petersburg, FL, Clearwater and all of Pinellas County.
  • Clogged Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning and rooter service including hydro jetting that uses high pressure water to move debris performing a thorough drain cleaning. If you have clogged drains, tree roots or other types of debris or obstructions, Radle Rooter will perform the most thorough drain cleaning on your clogged drain. Sewer rooter service performs a thorough drain cleaning by using a rotory rooter blade to cut through or remove the debris out of your clogged drain or main line.

Radle Rooter receives calls from people who have had drain cleaning services by other rooter drain cleaning service companies and still have a clogged drain! Those other (intentionally blank) rooter companies (plural) offer a drain cleaning service only to end up telling the customer that they need a $7,000 sewer repair for a clogged drain. Radle Rooter guarantees its drain cleaning service and you will know the drain cleaning charges upfront. Avoid the “big dig”, you likely do not need it simply unclog drain. Before you do the “big dig”, call me and I will open that clogged drain.

Restaurant Drain Cleaning

by Dr. Dennis (727-265-1911)
PHD in Sewerology

Commercial Drain Cleaning St. Pete, FL

Restaurant Drain Cleaning

It is essential that you keep your kitchen functioning properly, maintain a safe and sanitary work conditions for you and your customers. In order to maintain those healthy conditions, you need to perform regular drain cleaning and drain maintenance in your kitchen.

In order for a restaurant floor drain to function correctly, it needs to be able to have water flow easily with no obstructions. Radle Rooter offers economical maintenance plans as well as emergency service to keep your kitchen drains working properly. If you are located in St. Petersburg, Clearwater or anywhere in Pinellas County, FL, I will clean your resaurant drains or commercial drains effectively and with the proper tools. Maintenance plans are the most effective way to keep your drains functioning correctly.

Commercial Drain Maintenance for restauraunts, hotels, stores, etc.

The plunger might make things move a bit, but you’re only prolonging the inevitable. Plungers do not remove grease build up. Over time grease build up can become dangerous. Drain cleaners may work, but your best solution is to have your floor drains cleaned by using a commercial quality rodder. I can help you maintain sanitary conditions in your kitchen by making sure your floor drains work properly. Call Dennis at 727-265-1911.

Drain Plumbing Problems in Pinellas County?

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Are you having drain plumbing problems in Pinellas County?

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Drain problems? Radle Rooter can solve them quickly!

Don’t call the overpriced plumber or those very expensive big-name rooter plumber guys.  Radle Rooter will clear your drain quickly and effectively without charging you an arm and a leg.  We can perform tree root removal, clear toilet clogs, kitchen sink clogs using our rooter equipment or high pressure hydro jetting equipment.  Everything I need to fix your drains is right in my van. Call (727) 265-1911 right away.

Serving all of Pinellas County, FLSt. Petersburg, Clearwater and Palm Harbor.

Plugged Drain ($135 Coupon)

Plugged Drain Coupon

Plugged Drain Coupon
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Radle Rooter will clean plugged drain or sink, tub or shower drain. 100% Guaranteed! Simply hand this plugged drain coupon to the drain technician at Radle Rooter! 🙂 Included  is kitchen sink drain cleaning, utility sinks and bathtub drains. Radle rooter regular prices beat any competitors prices! Serving St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Pinellas County, Florida! Radle Rooter is local and family owned! 

Another clogged sewer line in St. Petersburg, FL fixed

This drain cleaning in St. Petersburg, FL took some extra effort due to the amount of rust in the cast iron sewer line. Often times cast iron pipe will “scale” and the rust will flake off the pipe and fall into the bottom of the pipe. The blockage will prevent proper water flow and makes the drain cleaning more difficult. Here is what the pipe looked like through the camera:

Rust from cast iron line preventing sewer drainage
Rust from cast iron line preventing sewer drainage


Water was barely able to flow through this pipe, let alone any solid objects.  Drain cleaning was a must!  The next photo was after the drain cleaning was complete:

Rust removed from cast iron sewer line
Rust removed from cast iron sewer line


The highlighted areas show the amount of rust that was removed from the sewer line.  No matter what kind of chemicals are poured down the drain or even the use of a cheap drain snake, will not remove this kind of debris from your sewer line.  That is why it is necessary to call a drain cleaning professional.