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Radle Rooter providing Pinellas County DRAIN CLEANING SERVICE. We do our best to be available for you seven days a week. I’ll fix that clogged drain with a smile.

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  • Clogged Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning and rooter service including hydro jetting that uses high pressure water to move debris performing a thorough drain cleaning. If you have clogged drains, tree roots or other types of debris or obstructions, Radle Rooter will perform the most thorough drain cleaning on your clogged drain. Sewer rooter service performs a thorough drain cleaning by using a rotory rooter blade to cut through or remove the debris out of your clogged drain or main line.

Radle Rooter receives calls from people who have had drain cleaning services by other rooter drain cleaning service companies and still have a clogged drain! Those other (intentionally blank) rooter companies (plural) offer a drain cleaning service only to end up telling the customer that they need a $7,000 sewer repair for a clogged drain. Radle Rooter guarantees its drain cleaning service and you will know the drain cleaning charges upfront. Avoid the “big dig”, you likely do not need it simply unclog drain. Before you do the “big dig”, call me and I will open that clogged drain.

Drain Plumbing Problems in Pinellas County?

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Are you having drain plumbing problems in Pinellas County?

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Drain problems? Radle Rooter can solve them quickly!

Don’t call the overpriced plumber or those very expensive big-name rooter plumber guys.  Radle Rooter will clear your drain quickly and effectively without charging you an arm and a leg.  We can perform tree root removal, clear toilet clogs, kitchen sink clogs using our rooter equipment or high pressure hydro jetting equipment.  Everything I need to fix your drains is right in my van. Call (727) 265-1911 right away.

Serving all of Pinellas County, FLSt. Petersburg, Clearwater and Palm Harbor.

Toilet Plumbing Do’s and Dont’s

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Toilet Plumbing – Do’s and Dont’s

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Dennis Radle, Radle Rooter, Owner & Operator

Here are some general do’s and don’t for toilet plumbing:

  1. Do not use chemicals in your toilet. Chemicals may clear that clogged toilet, but those same chemicals will harm your plumbing and eat away at your toilet seal (wax ring) that is hidden underneath your toilet. It is especially bad to pour chemicals into the tank, this could harm your plumbing seals and make your toilet continuously run or leak. Also, the chemicals are bad for our environment.
  2. NEVER pour grease or any other hardening compounds like drywall compound or wax down the toilet. These chemicals will simply harden within the plumbing lines and restrict water flow until the lines are cleared using a rooter machine.
  3. If you have small children, avoid leaving the lid open as you will be amazed what the plumber or drain professional will pull out the the toilet plumbing. 🙂
  4. If your toilet drain is clogged or your having toilet drain plumbing issues, see the “toilet clogged” information and “how to fix a clogged toilet” on this site.

Plugged Drain ($135 Coupon)

Plugged Drain Coupon

Plugged Drain Coupon
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Radle Rooter will clean plugged drain or sink, tub or shower drain. 100% Guaranteed! Simply hand this plugged drain coupon to the drain technician at Radle Rooter! 🙂 Included  is kitchen sink drain cleaning, utility sinks and bathtub drains. Radle rooter regular prices beat any competitors prices! Serving St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Pinellas County, Florida! Radle Rooter is local and family owned! 

Another clogged sewer line in St. Petersburg, FL fixed

This drain cleaning in St. Petersburg, FL took some extra effort due to the amount of rust in the cast iron sewer line. Often times cast iron pipe will “scale” and the rust will flake off the pipe and fall into the bottom of the pipe. The blockage will prevent proper water flow and makes the drain cleaning more difficult. Here is what the pipe looked like through the camera:

Rust from cast iron line preventing sewer drainage
Rust from cast iron line preventing sewer drainage


Water was barely able to flow through this pipe, let alone any solid objects.  Drain cleaning was a must!  The next photo was after the drain cleaning was complete:

Rust removed from cast iron sewer line
Rust removed from cast iron sewer line


The highlighted areas show the amount of rust that was removed from the sewer line.  No matter what kind of chemicals are poured down the drain or even the use of a cheap drain snake, will not remove this kind of debris from your sewer line.  That is why it is necessary to call a drain cleaning professional.

How to perform toilet repairs


Many toilet issues occur inside the tank which contain the moving parts. Certain repairs are simple enough to do by the home owner.  Other problems may require an experienced professional to come perform the toilet repair.

How does a toilet work?

Side shot of toilet for toilet repair knowledge
Toilet Side Shot

In order to diagnose issues and have a fighting chance to perform toilet repair, you need to have a basic knowledge of how the toilet operates.

1. Pressing the level on the outside of the tank causes the arm with the chain connected (see below) to lift the flapper, which happens to be red in the photo below.


Toilet Flapper
Toilet Flapper, lever and chain

2. The flapper remains lifted to allow water to flow from the tank into the bowl until there is no more water in the tank, then the flapper closes, stopping the water.

3. At the same time water is draining, water flows into the tank from an intake valve that comes through the filler tube.

4. When the flap closes and water begins rising in the tank, the float (a ball looking item), begins to rise and once the float rises to a certain point, the water flow is cut off.

Most common toilet problems:

First off, before any work is performed on a toilet, you should turn the water off at the valve located below the tank.

The tank fills but water continues to run:  Remove the cover and check the float arm.  The ball and float arm could be connected by a collar which allows your to raise and lower the float.  The ball should be about submerged about halfway under water in order to shut off the water.

Tank Doesn’t Fill, Water Still Runs:

This usually indicates that your flapper is stuck in the upright position, allowing water to flow freely into the bowl.  Odds are that something is preventing the flapper from going back into the down position.

Water constantly runs into the toilet bowl:

When the flapper does not make a good seal with the bowl, the water will “trickle” into the bowl and you will hear the toilet routinely making noise.  This is a sign that you need to replace the flapper and seal at the bottom of the bowl.

Water is appearing from the bottom of the toilet at the floor:

This is a sure sign that you need to call someone.  There are wax rings hidden underneath your toilet.  Over time and by use of chemical cleaners in your toilet, these wax rings disintegrate and begin to fail.  Water coming out of the bottom of the toilet is a sure sign that the seal is going to go bad or is already bad.




Restaurant Drain Care Program

Radle Rooter Coupon ($135 Any Drain)Phone: 727-265-1911

Radle Rooter offers routine restaurant maintenance programs for a reasonable fixed priced for all restaurants in Pinellas and Florida. This routine maintenance will prevent your restaurant from having those rough disasters during the worst of times (when you’re making money). We come into your business during your slow hours and service your drains to make sure you can have a carefree business and not have to worry about waste coming into your restaurant.

Routine restaurant drain cleaning will save you in that time of need.  We service your restaurant during your non-busy times at our convenience, saving us both time and money!  Take advantage of our plan by calling the number above.


Sewer Cleaning

by Dennis – Drain & Sewer Cleaning Professional
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Dennis Radle, sewer cleaning expert!


Radle Rooter provides full sewer cleaning service for Pinellas County Florida. Sewer cleaning, inspection and maintenance includes rodding, hydro jetting and 24 hour emergency service, 7 days a week. I have all the tools to remove clogs, clean lines and right in the service van. No excuses! No multiple service charges! No nonsense service; I will fix it!

Clogged sewer cleaning and sewer cleaning maintenance service from sewer rodding to hydro jetting, I can remove just about any debris from your main sewer line. If you have obstructions such as tree roots, sewer rodding will remove the roots by cutting through them. Hydro jetting is another sewer service that will push obstructions down your sewer line by using high pressure water to move the objects. If your sewer pipes are clogged, I can come out perform sewer pipe cleaning using a rodding machine, hydro jetting or do a sewer video inspection with a sewer camera of your sewer pipes.

For over 20 years I’ve been fixing drains and sewer cleaning. When others fail and begin to suggest that you replace your entire sewer line, call Radle Rooter and I can get your drain lines working without replacing your sewer line.

Don’t call the big guys and spend the big money on unnecessary repairs. Call Radle Rooter ASAP 727-265-1911.

How to fix a clogged toilet

Do-it-yourself clogged toilet advice from Rooter
Dennis Radle, Owner & Operator

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How to fix a clogged toilet?

Most clogged toilets can be fixed very easily in minutes by the average homeowner. If you are in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Palm Harbor and unable to unclog your drains, please call and I can come help you with your toilet drain problems. You can accomplish this without the toilet overflowing on to the bathroom floor and making a mess.

This brief article will will show you some simple steps to get your toilet back up and running properly.

Grab that plunger
Using a plunger with the rubber flange pointed outward for the best seal. Push the plunger in and out rigorously while keeping enough water in the bowl to keep the plunger under water. You may want to keep some rags nearby to cleanup any spilled or splashed water.

A flange type plunger
Flange plunger

Nearly all clogged toilets can be fixed by using that special tool called a “plunger.” 🙂 When you purchase a plunger, purchase one that has a flange end and bell shaped top. Consider purchasing an additional plunger for sinks and tub drains too.

A bad flush means that your toilet drain is either slightly or completely plugged. A completely plugged toilet is obvious. The toilet bowl will simply fill with water and may even overflow. Allow the water some time to flow through the toilet drain and then attempt to plunge the toilet.

Most toilets that are clogged simply drain slowly. This allows the water to drain but the waste remains in the toilet bowl. You may also hear a gurgling noise which is an indication of an improperly functioning toilet drain. If you have these problems, grab that plunger.

Plunge your toilet rigoursly with the plunger from 5 to 10 times making sure that you are forcing water in and out of the drain. Make sure there is no air in your plunger. If your plunger has air inside of it, you will not provide enough pressure to free debris from your toilet drain.

Make sure that you have enough water within the bowl to keep the plunger mostly submerged.

Generally the plunger will clear up the clog.

Drain Snake

Drain Snake

If the plunger fails to open your drain, then you might have a more serious blockage. You might be forced to snake out your toilet drain. A snake looks like a long spring with a cork screw type head. The head is larger than the spring wire portion. The idea of the snake is to basically “push” or “grab” the debris and either make it move along to your sewer or pull it back up your drain. Using the snake, you turn the head using the handle at the end of the snake and feed more line down your drain grabbing the spring portion, pulling the wire out of the holder and pushing the wire down the drain. Many small snakes have a thumb screw that you need to losen prior to pulling the snake out of the holder.

Toilet Auger

Toilet Auger

In some cases a snake may not be the best tool to use to clear your toilet clog. A standard snake may scratch the bowl of the toilet since it is metal on porcelean. An auger is designed for toilets and makes the first bend for you and helps prevent scratching. An auger does have limited length as opposed to the standard snake. A snake may reach 20′ or longer. An auger may have a 3′ length. However most toilet clogs are right near the toilet drain.

About the only step left is to remove the toilet from the floor. At this point, you probably want to call someone. If you are located in Pinellas County, FL , please give me a call (727) 265-1911.

Products available from Lowes:
Toilet Auger
Drain Snake