Why is water coming up my floor drain?

Dirty Floor Drain

by Dennis
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The floor drain is the lowest drain in your house, restaurant or building. Since water naturally flows towards the earth (using gravity), water must flow downward. However, if your sewer or drains are backed up, then the water will come back up through your floor drain. Almost anything could prevent water from flowing properly. I have many tools to open your drains from rooter/rodding equipment to high pressure water equipment called hydro jetting all in one van.

Water coming out of the floor drain is a sure sign that something is preventing the water from flowing correctly. You should call a sewer & drain professional to come evaluate the situation and make corrections. If you are located in Clearwater, FL, St. Pete, FL or in Pinellas County, FL. Please give me a call 727-265-1911. I offer commercial drain cleaning services and routine maintenance for discounted prices.


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