How to fix a sewer backup?

Sewer backups typically happens when debris, roots, grease, hair or other objects block drains.  You should call your local sewer professional to correct the sewer backup issue right away.  Most clogged drains must be opened by a sewer & drain professional.  If your sewers backup into your home, your tile floors can be sanitized by using a good cleaner.  Damaged walls and carpeting should be replaced by a professional.

What is power rodding or sewer rodding?

Power rodding is a process of cleaning your drains using an electric roto motor, steel cable and a cutting head.  The cutting head is pushed into the sewer line and used to cut thing like tree roots that penetrate into your sewer line.

What is a sewer inspection?

A sewer inspection is where you send a special camera down through your drains into the sewer to see what foreign objects that you may have creating your drainage problem.  We have all of the necessary equipment to perform these inspections.  Before you call someone to dig up your entire yard creating a huge mess, you should call us to inspect your sewer system.  Many times repairs can be made without digging at all.

How does the sewer line become clogged?

Older sewer lines are made of clay and joined together.  Tree and bush roots in their never ending search for water will invade the pipes in search of water and eventually break into your sewer drain line.  Action should be taken immediately.  If you allow your drain line to become overrun by tree/bush roots, you will inevitably end up replacing your sewer line which is very costly and requires digging up your entire yard.  The digging may even require the removal of the tree creating the issue; maintenance to your sewer line can prevent the problem from becoming a costly issue.

The best way to prevent this from happening is an period drain rodding.  The drain rodding will cut the tree roots forcing them back for some time.  This maintenance should occur on a semi-annual or annual basis.

See the illustration below for an example of roots destroying your sewer line.


Sewer line root blockage
Sewer damage beginning
Sewer drain tile beginning to crack due to root invasion
Sewer drain tile beginning to crack due to root invasion
Sewer line collapse as a result of root damage
At this point it is necessary to dig and replace the line.


Hiring the right sewer repair professional

Sewer repair professionals are trained to perform jobs all types of drainage jobs that relate to anything that is routed to the sewer.  When you have a big problem, you will like be unable to deal with the issue yourself.  There is always the potential of attempt a self-fix to a sewer repair may create a larger problem than you may have at present.

Sewer professionals in the drain repair industry have the necessary tools and knowledge to repair your drain issues quickly, efficiently and properly.

Make sure when you choose your drain repair company that they are insured and guarantee their services.