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Free Drain Cleaning Tips!

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Do you have a clogged drain? I know how it feels! 🙂 The water starts building up around the clogged drain and you get a bad feeling about your plumbing. Many people are strapped for cash and decide to forgo the drain professional and try to clear the clogged drain yourself. There is some good news! Many clogged drain problems are easily corrected without having to call someone to fix your plumbing.

Just about any homeowner should be able to clear most drain clogs in a very short amount of time. Anyone can use these free do-it-yourself household drain cleaning tips!

Before you attempt to pour pollutant chemicals down the drain, try pouring salt down your drain followed by hot boiling water. Continue to flush with very hot tap water until the clog is clear.

A number of drain clogs are caused due to grease buildup. You can try something as simple as pouring dish soap (i.e. Dawn) down your drain followed by hot water.

Drains that drain slowly, you can shake half box of baking soda down the drain. Follow this by using one cup of vinegar. The mix will start to bubble and foam. When the foaming ceases, try running hot water down the drain for a minute or two.

I you believe your drains are clogged with hair and you have the leg hair remover called Nair in your house, you can attempt to pour it down your drain and do not run water through the drain for about a half hour. After allowing the time to pass, pour hot water down the drain. The Nair will continue to work on the build up and hair as it goes further down the drains and pipes.

This one requires a little bit more effort, but if you are able to get to the drain pipe itself, open it up and try using a water hose. Put the hose in the drain pipe and turn the water on. The rushing water will hit the clog and push it through the drain plumbing. And you’ve cleaned your drains with no chemicals!

Another good drain cleaning tip is the old plunger! Buy a second plunger that you will not use in the toilet.  Most people believe that plungers are for the toilet, but keep in mind you can use your separate plunger for different uses, like drain cleaning a sink.  You can also drain clean the bathtub covering the top drain overflow with a wet rag (it must be a wet rag/wash cloth) and plunging the tub drain.  You must plug the overflow in order to be able to plunge the bathtub.  Sometimes this requires removal of the overflow drain cover and sticking the rag in the drain hole.  Be careful not to stick the rag to far in the pipe.  You need to use some pressure when plunging a drain to move the drain obstruction that has created the clog.  After plunging, wait a minute and see if the clog has cleared.  If the clog remains, repeat as necessary.

Are you still having problems will a clogged drain?  No chemical or clogged drain tip will work better than a $30 drain “snake” cleaning  drains.  You can purchase these at your local plumbing or hardware store.  If you are still unable to open your drain clog and you are in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa Bay, Palm Harbor, Pinellas County, then by all means please call!


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