Common Sewer Problems

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Dennis Radle, Radle Rooter, Owner & Operator

After over 20 years of working on sewer & drain issues, I have seen many sewer and drain problems. If you are in Pinellas county and have sewer or drain issues, I offer 24/7 emergency service. Please feel free to call me 727-265-1911. Click here for information on drain cleaning service or sewer cleaning services.




I will describe some of the most common problems I’ve seen below:

Collapsed Sewer Line

When a sewer line collapses it is not an easy fix. Sewer line collapses are usually due to a lack of maintenance and some kind of persistent damage. Your drain expert must first locate the problem and the replace the damaged sewer line. Some companies will attempt to sell you on a very expensive dig and attempt to replace your entire line from the house all the way to the street. While this is a good solution to a problem, it is also very costly. Before accepting some costly bid to replace your entire drainage line, you should get a second opinion.

Tree Roots

Vegetation of any kind will seek out water for survival regardless of the source. Trees commonly find their way into your main line through the joints in the sewer line. Without maintenance tree roots will cause clogs in your main line and if continued to be untreated will cause your main sewer line to completely collapse or almost completely prevent water from flowing due to blockages.

Drain Clogging

A clog in your main sewer line will make your toilets, tubs and floor drains back up. You may at first notice your drains gurgling. Gurgling is a sign of problems somewhere in your drainage system. Preventative maintenance is a good idea when you first notice problems. There are many different causes of a sewer main line back up. A sewer line may be clogged due to too much paper being flushed, foreign objects being flushed or grease being poured down the sink drain. There are many reasons. A simple snake or drain cleaner may fix the problem. For more serious problems, a good drain expert will need to be called.

Septic Tanks

Septic tanks usually require a someone who specializes in septic tanks. When problems occur with your septic tank you generally notice bad smells or odor in the area of your septic field. Septic fields are usually found in more rural areas where sewage services are generally not found. When the tank is full of solid waste the tank will begin to fail. Preventative maintenance on tanks should also be routine in order to prevent tank failure.


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