Commercial drain cleaning service for Palm Harbor, FL

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In order for a floor drain to function correctly, it needs to be able to have water flow easily with no obstructions. Radle Rooter offers affordable preventative maintenance plans as well as emergency service to keep your kitchen drains working properly. If you are located in Palm Harbor or anywhere in Pinellas County, FL, I will clean your resaurant drains or commercial drains effectively and with the proper tools. Maintenance plans are the most effective way to keep your drains functioning correctly.

Commercial Drain Maintenance for resturaunts, hotels, stores, etc.
Commercial Drain Maintenance for resturaunts, hotels, stores, etc.

The plunger might make things move a bit, but you’re only prolonging the inevitable. Plungers do not remove grease build up. Over time grease build up can become dangerous. Drain cleaners may work, but your best solution is to have your floor drains cleaned by using a commercial quality rodder. I can help you maintain sanitary conditions in your kitchen by making sure your floor drains work properly. Call Dennis at 727-265-1911.


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