Locating your sewer clean out

A clean out is a a white cap located within your front or back yard. The clean out has a square nut that is provided to open the cap. This is typically what is used to provide your drain cleaning, hydro jetting, power rodding, and camera inspection. We recommend that you do not open this cap because the contents are under pressure, sewage will erupt in your yard and most likely get on you. The smell is awful. You should wait and allow your drain cleaning specialist for St. Petersburg and Pinellas County to open this cap to provide your drain cleaning service.

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We received this from a customer who had some drain issues

Thank you Dennis (aka. Rooter)


Dennis, Thank you for doing the job.  We have an offer for the home that looks good.  I am glad the septic system will be in good shape if the deal goes through!

St Pete sewer clog causes backup in shower drain

by Dennis
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Another happy customer in St. Petersburg, FL! The customer called at midnight and water was backing up into their shower! Not good… Generally when you sewer line has a clog, it causes water to come up in the lowest floor drains in your house. In this case, it was the shower.

Drain cleaning to fix shower water backup
Clogged sewer in St. Pete leads to water coming up in shower

Clearly when water is coming up you drains is not sanitary. The photo is mid-stream in the my work. After a sewer rodding, the drain was working perfectly!

What is the cost of rodding a drain?

Rod any drain in Pinellas County Florida including St. Petersburg. Guaranteed results. Don’t waste your time calling the roto guys or looking for a rooter service coupon. We can do it less money, have everything on one truck and guarantee results without a coupon. Senior discounts available too! Call Dennis 727-265-1911, I look forward to hearing from you.

What is a sewer clean out?

A residential sewer clean out is an access hole to get into your sewer main line.  The hole is typically closed so that debris does not get into your sewer pipe.  If you have a basement, your clean out may be located within the basement.  The clean out allows the sewer drain professional to get easy access to your sewer main line which sometimes is necessary to remove large debris.

Why is water coming out of my floor drain?

The floor drain is the lowest drain in your house. When you run water in your house, flush the toilet, run water in the sink or take a shower and water comes out of your floor drains, this is a serious drain problem. Either your drain or your sewer is plugged. Call a sewer and drain professional immediately.

What is power rodding or sewer rodding?

Power rodding is a process of cleaning your drains using an electric roto motor, steel cable and a cutting head.  The cutting head is pushed into the sewer line and used to cut thing like tree roots that penetrate into your sewer line.

Sewer cleaning service in Clearwater, FL

I offer complete drain cleaning services to Clearwater, Florida and anywhere in Pinellas Country.  Fully Insured,  Family owned and operated.  Call me (Dennis) directly at 727-265-1911.  I look forward to solving your drain problems.

How does the sewer line become clogged?

Older sewer lines are made of clay and joined together.  Tree and bush roots in their never ending search for water will invade the pipes in search of water and eventually break into your sewer drain line.  Action should be taken immediately.  If you allow your drain line to become overrun by tree/bush roots, you will inevitably end up replacing your sewer line which is very costly and requires digging up your entire yard.  The digging may even require the removal of the tree creating the issue; maintenance to your sewer line can prevent the problem from becoming a costly issue.

The best way to prevent this from happening is an period drain rodding.  The drain rodding will cut the tree roots forcing them back for some time.  This maintenance should occur on a semi-annual or annual basis.

See the illustration below for an example of roots destroying your sewer line.


Sewer line root blockage
Sewer damage beginning
Sewer drain tile beginning to crack due to root invasion
Sewer drain tile beginning to crack due to root invasion
Sewer line collapse as a result of root damage
At this point it is necessary to dig and replace the line.