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Dennis Radle, Owner & Operator

We will clean ANY DRAIN, ANY TIME!. We perform honest, upfront, friendly service without the bait and switch of the other rooter service. One truck, one stop and your drains will be working in no time flat. Complete drain cleaning service in Pinellas Park, FL, St. Petersburg, FL, Clearwater, FL and all of Pinellas county Florida. Insured and family owned. Guaranteed results. Make sure to give me a call before the big corporate guys with big overhead, regardless of who you choose, please support local business. We contribute back to the community. Call Dennis directly at (727) 265-1911.

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by Rooter Dr. Dennis PHD in SEWEROLOGY
Phone: (727)265-1911

Radle Rooter providing Pinellas County DRAIN CLEANING SERVICE. We do our best to be available for you seven days a week. I’ll fix that clogged drain with a smile.

Dennis Radle, Radle Rooter, clogged drain expert


  • Free estimates
  • Sink, Shower/Tub Drain Cleaning
  • Camera Inspection to aide in sewer and drain cleaning
  • Fully stocked van ready to perform your drain cleaning and fix those clogged drains
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Insured
  • Clogged drain cleaning for Palm Harbor, Pinellas Park, St. Petersburg, FL, Clearwater and all of Pinellas County.
  • Clogged Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning and rooter service including hydro jetting that uses high pressure water to move debris performing a thorough drain cleaning. If you have clogged drains, tree roots or other types of debris or obstructions, Radle Rooter will perform the most thorough drain cleaning on your clogged drain. Sewer rooter service performs a thorough drain cleaning by using a rotory rooter blade to cut through or remove the debris out of your clogged drain or main line.

Radle Rooter receives calls from people who have had drain cleaning services by other rooter drain cleaning service companies and still have a clogged drain! Those other (intentionally blank) rooter companies (plural) offer a drain cleaning service only to end up telling the customer that they need a $7,000 sewer repair for a clogged drain. Radle Rooter guarantees its drain cleaning service and you will know the drain cleaning charges upfront. Avoid the “big dig”, you likely do not need it simply unclog drain. Before you do the “big dig”, call me and I will open that clogged drain.

Safety Harbor, FL Sewer & Drain Cleaning Service

We provide drain cleaning service to Safety Harbor, FL. If you think you have a broken sewer pipe, be sure to call us 727-265-1911 and let us help you determine if we can fix your sewer problem without an expensive drain repair from an overpriced plumber!

Not only can we examine your sewer drains with a camera, but we can tell you the exact spot where the problem is located.

Safety Harbor, FL Sewer & Drain Service


by Rooter

Phone: (727) 265-1911
Serving Pinellas County Florida.

Clogged Drain Repair Service

Call Dennis – Radle Rooter

If you suffer from a clogged drain, then give Radle Rooter a call (727) 265-1911. Radle Rooter is more than happy to come perform drain repair for honest and fair prices! Using the proper drain cleaning equipment, Radle Rooter will have your clogged drain repair in no time flat! Some plumbers will turn that clogged drain repair into a $7,000 sewer line replacement. Radle Rooter will not! Typically drain repair is a simple as a good hydro jetting.

24/7/365 Emergency drain rooter repair
Free estimates
Service with a smile! 🙂
Professional rooter equipment to clear that stubborn clogged drain
Family owned & local
No corporate overhead
Camera inspection for clogs
No trip charge
Upfront pricing!
All tools necessary to clear your clogged drain
100% Customer Satisfaction
Senior discounts

Regardless of where the clogged drain is located, I have all the proper rooter tools necessary to fix the clogged drain quickly and with a smile. If you’ve tried to clear your clogged drain with your plunger or simple drain snake and your clogged drain refuses to clear, then its time to call an expert. Radle Rooter is happy to come open that clogged drain and will do so quickly with upfront pricing, no gimmicks, no franchise overhead and guaranteed results! If you need help to clear a clogged drain, please call (727) 265-1911.

Radle Rooter will either fix the clogged drain or determine the problem with the clogged pipe for residential or commercial customers. At times something as simple as a clogged drain can be more serious like a sewer clog. An example might be where you run water and you notice water coming out of your bathtub or floor drain. This is not a simple clogged drain, but more likely a serious sewer clog. Call Radle Rooter in Pinellas (727) 265-1911. If you’ve already tried the plunger and the drain snake to clear your clogged drain, then you are not likely going to fix the problem.

Complete drain services including hydro jetting that uses high pressure water to clear clogged drain debris. If you have root problems or other types of obstructions in your sewer line causing a clogged drain, sewer rodding can clean out your drain by using a rotary blade to cut through or remove the debris out of your main line.

Main Sewer Line rooter service

If your main sewer line is clogged, I have all the proper equipment on my van to unclog your sewer line, quickly and with a smile. When your main line is clogged even by the smallest of tree roots, toilet paper and other debris can get stuck on the tree roots and buildup can occur. The buildup can get bad enough to make your drainage really slow. Tree roots in your sewer lines can grow to look like a big ball in your sewer line.

Clogged Kitchen Drains

Kitchen drains can become clogged over time and slowly drain or completely stop draining. Food, grease, soap and other debris will decrease the size of your pipe and reduce the drainage flow out of your kitchen sink. Also using a garbage disposal contributes to clogged drains.

Bathroom Sink Clogs

Unclogging bathroom sinks is usually a result of buildup over time due to hair, toothpaste, soap and other debris that may get into the bathroom sink drain.

Bathtub and Shower Clogging

Much like bathroom sinks, shower and tubs often begin showing signs of clogging by draining slowly. When you’re showering and standing in water, that is a good sign that your drains are clogged and are not functioning correctly. If you have water coming up your bathtub drains when using the toilet, sink or other water sources in the house, you like have a more serious sewer clog on your hands. Call your drain professional to unclog your sewer.

Toilet Clog

A toilet clog can occur for numerous reasons. Too much toilet paper, debris or products that should not be flushed down the toilet. Unclogging a toilet drain plumbing can be a fairly easy thing to repair or it may need a drain professional.

If you’re in Pinellas county and need a clogged drain fixed, call the Radle Rooter guy that can provide full service drain cleaning with a smile.

Radle Rooter Sewer & Drain

Radle Rooter Sewer & Drain – Largo, FL
Phone: (727) 265-1911
Pinellas County Sewer and Drain Services

  • FREE estimates
  • You’ll know the price before I start the work
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • No service call or travel fee
  • Deal directly with the owner
  • Senior Citizen and Veteran discounts

All your residential and commercial sewer and drain service needs in one stop. Emergency Sewer & Drain service available 24/7. Delivering, personal, professional, quality service at fair and honest prices. All work is guaranteed. So whether you have a clogged drain in St. Pete Beach or water coming up your floor drains in Clearwater, FL, please give me a call for fast courteous service.

Learn More About Radle Rooter Sewer & Drain:

  • Power rodding
  • Hydro jetting
  • Sink clogged
  • bathtub drain clogged
  • Unclog toilets
  • Main line cleaning

Contact Radle Rooter Sewer & Drain at (727) 265-1911 to schedule your free appointment or browse the website for more information about our services.

What is the cost of rodding a drain?

Rod any drain in Pinellas County Florida including St. Petersburg. Guaranteed results. Don’t waste your time calling the roto guys or looking for a rooter service coupon. We can do it less money, have everything on one truck and guarantee results without a coupon. Senior discounts available too! Call Dennis 727-265-1911, I look forward to hearing from you.

How to fix a sewer backup?

Sewer backups typically happens when debris, roots, grease, hair or other objects block drains.  You should call your local sewer professional to correct the sewer backup issue right away.  Most clogged drains must be opened by a sewer & drain professional.  If your sewers backup into your home, your tile floors can be sanitized by using a good cleaner.  Damaged walls and carpeting should be replaced by a professional.

Why is water coming out of my floor drain?

The floor drain is the lowest drain in your house. When you run water in your house, flush the toilet, run water in the sink or take a shower and water comes out of your floor drains, this is a serious drain problem. Either your drain or your sewer is plugged. Call a sewer and drain professional immediately.

What is power rodding or sewer rodding?

Power rodding is a process of cleaning your drains using an electric roto motor, steel cable and a cutting head.  The cutting head is pushed into the sewer line and used to cut thing like tree roots that penetrate into your sewer line.

What is a sewer inspection?

A sewer inspection is where you send a special camera down through your drains into the sewer to see what foreign objects that you may have creating your drainage problem.  We have all of the necessary equipment to perform these inspections.  Before you call someone to dig up your entire yard creating a huge mess, you should call us to inspect your sewer system.  Many times repairs can be made without digging at all.