Locating your sewer clean out

A clean out is a a white cap located within your front or back yard. The clean out has a square nut that is provided to open the cap. This is typically what is used to provide your drain cleaning, hydro jetting, power rodding, and camera inspection. We recommend that you do not open this cap because the contents are under pressure, sewage will erupt in your yard and most likely get on you. The smell is awful. You should wait and allow your drain cleaning specialist for St. Petersburg and Pinellas County to open this cap to provide your drain cleaning service.

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Clearwater septic clogged

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by Dennis
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Clearwater septic main line completely clogged

Before I arrived, this main line was completely blocked as the septic tank is completely dry. After completing a camera inspection, clearing tree roots and a hydro jetting, all is working normal again!

Septic drain pipe completely clogged before I started working
Unclogging a drain pipe

The picture on the below shows after I completed my job in Clearwater, FL that the tank now working properly once again. Another satisfied customer!

Septic System working as it should after hydro jetting
Clearwater, FL drain cleaning of main line to septic.

What is power rodding or sewer rodding?

Power rodding is a process of cleaning your drains using an electric roto motor, steel cable and a cutting head.  The cutting head is pushed into the sewer line and used to cut thing like tree roots that penetrate into your sewer line.

What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro Jetting
Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is a process of cleaning sewer & drain using a high pressure to clear difficult blocked drains, drainage pipes using high-pressure water.  Hydro Jetting requires large amounts of water and professional equipment to create a high pressure which will use water to force out the blockages.

Rodding is used to cut its way through the drain pipe.  However, rodding may leave behind roots.  Hydra Jetting will remove grease, roots and other foreign objects leaving your drain lines almost like new.

Hydro jetter cleaning drain pipe
Hydro-Jetting actual view