Tree root removal

Here is a sewer camera inspection after I had cleared the main line of tree roots from the sewer in Clearwater, FL.  See the complete line of sewer cleaning services that I offer. Local, insured and family owned serving all of Pinellas county.

Clean sewer pipe after a hydro jetting



Camera inspection of sewer after hydro jetting


Tree roots removed from drain

The work had to be done on the inside of the home that is why you see the tile floor. And of course, I throw the tree roots out for you. 🙂

Why is water coming out of my floor drain?

The floor drain is the lowest drain in your house. When you run water in your house, flush the toilet, run water in the sink or take a shower and water comes out of your floor drains, this is a serious drain problem. Either your drain or your sewer is plugged. Call a sewer and drain professional immediately.

Why is water coming up in my bathtub?

The bathtub may be one of the lower drains in your house. If you do not have a floor drain in your house, the bathtub is likely the next lowest drain. When you run water in the sink or flush the toilet, water running into the tub is a sign of a serious blockage in your drains or sewer. You should call a sewer & drain professional to come evaluate the situation and make corrections.