Preventing Plumbing Drain Clogs

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Preventing Drain Clogs

Clogged drains are avoided by creating routines that prevent the chance for drain clogging and performing drain cleaning at routine intervals.

Avoid putting food debris, coffee grounds in your drain plumbing. It is always a good idea to perform the suggestions at routine intervals. There is a number of things you can do in order to avoid clogged drain pipes.

Preventing clogged drain pipes:

After use of your shower and sinks, make sure you remove any noticeable hair or other debris that might be around the drain plug.

Do not ever pour grease into your drain plumbing pipes. Never pour cooking grease down the drain plumbing. Grease will harden just as it does when it sits in the pan. However grease will buildup in your pipes over time and prevent water from flowing properly in your drain line, it can also lead to objects becoming hung up in your drain line.

Fill up the sink all the way to the top, then remove the stopper. This will perform a simple flush of the drain line with the sheer weight and volume of the water mass

Check your drain stoppers to make sure that hair or other buildup is remove and water is free to flow down the drain.

Turn on the sinks, showers and flush the toilets to allow maximum flow through the main sewer line to move debris out of your sewer line into the main sewer.

What happens if I still get a clogged drain?

Sometimes clogged drains cannot be prevented by the homeowner. You can try the plunger or the drain auger, but if these tools are not successful, then you should call a drain professional to come clean your drain plumbing. Tree roots, rust in the sewer main line and other objects may prevent proper water flow to the sewer. These types of problems cannot typically be handled with hand tools and requires a rooter machine or hydro jetting machine. If you are located in Pinellas County, St. Pete, Dunedin Florida, by all means, please give me a call (727) 265-1911.

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