Kitchen sink has a clogged drain

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A kitchen without a properly working kitchen sink drain is a real nightmare.

Here are some common problems that create clogged drains in the kitchen:

  • Pouring oil or grease down the drain. While I would not recommend pouring grease down the drain, never pour grease down the drain with followed by cold water! The grease will almost surely harden around your drain plumbing and prevent proper flow.
  • Many if not most clogged drains can be attributed to the buildup of food or organic matter.
  • Your garbage disposal unit has stopped working properly. This can create an issue with the drain.
  • Buildups of any type of debris in your kitchen sink drain will reduce the regular flow of water just like cholesterol throughout the body’s bloodstream.

When debris travels down your drain plumbing that already has a partial blockage, the debris may catch on to the blockage and completely prevent your drain from working properly.

The above are just a few possibilities of what could happen. If your kitchen sink is really clogged give Radle Rooter Sewer & Drain a call. 727-265-1911  for St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Safety Harbor, Pinellas County Florida.

Toilet Plumbing Do’s and Dont’s

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Toilet Plumbing – Do’s and Dont’s

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Here are some general do’s and don’t for toilet plumbing:

  1. Do not use chemicals in your toilet. Chemicals may clear that clogged toilet, but those same chemicals will harm your plumbing and eat away at your toilet seal (wax ring) that is hidden underneath your toilet. It is especially bad to pour chemicals into the tank, this could harm your plumbing seals and make your toilet continuously run or leak. Also, the chemicals are bad for our environment.
  2. NEVER pour grease or any other hardening compounds like drywall compound or wax down the toilet. These chemicals will simply harden within the plumbing lines and restrict water flow until the lines are cleared using a rooter machine.
  3. If you have small children, avoid leaving the lid open as you will be amazed what the plumber or drain professional will pull out the the toilet plumbing. 🙂
  4. If your toilet drain is clogged or your having toilet drain plumbing issues, see the “toilet clogged” information and “how to fix a clogged toilet” on this site.