What is a sewer clean out?

A residential sewer clean out is an access hole to get into your sewer main line.  The hole is typically closed so that debris does not get into your sewer pipe.  If you have a basement, your clean out may be located within the basement.  The clean out allows the sewer drain professional to get easy access to your sewer main line which sometimes is necessary to remove large debris.

Why is water coming up in my bathtub?

The bathtub may be one of the lower drains in your house. If you do not have a floor drain in your house, the bathtub is likely the next lowest drain. When you run water in the sink or flush the toilet, water running into the tub is a sign of a serious blockage in your drains or sewer. You should call a sewer & drain professional to come evaluate the situation and make corrections.

Sewer cleaning service in Clearwater, FL

I offer complete drain cleaning services to Clearwater, Florida and anywhere in Pinellas Country.  Fully Insured,  Family owned and operated.  Call me (Dennis) directly at 727-265-1911.  I look forward to solving your drain problems.