Restaurant Drain Cleaning

by Dr. Dennis (727-265-1911)
PHD in Sewerology

Commercial Drain Cleaning St. Pete, FL

Restaurant Drain Cleaning

It is essential that you keep your kitchen functioning properly, maintain a safe and sanitary work conditions for you and your customers. In order to maintain those healthy conditions, you need to perform regular drain cleaning and drain maintenance in your kitchen.

In order for a restaurant floor drain to function correctly, it needs to be able to have water flow easily with no obstructions. Radle Rooter offers economical maintenance plans as well as emergency service to keep your kitchen drains working properly. If you are located in St. Petersburg, Clearwater or anywhere in Pinellas County, FL, I will clean your resaurant drains or commercial drains effectively and with the proper tools. Maintenance plans are the most effective way to keep your drains functioning correctly.

Commercial Drain Maintenance for restauraunts, hotels, stores, etc.

The plunger might make things move a bit, but you’re only prolonging the inevitable. Plungers do not remove grease build up. Over time grease build up can become dangerous. Drain cleaners may work, but your best solution is to have your floor drains cleaned by using a commercial quality rodder. I can help you maintain sanitary conditions in your kitchen by making sure your floor drains work properly. Call Dennis at 727-265-1911.

Floor Drain Cleaning in Clearwater

Commercial and Resdintial Drain Cleaning

by Dennis
Phone: (727) 265-1911

Yet another drain problem solved quickly and efficiently in Clearwater, FL. Water was rising through the floor drains of a local resturaunt and I received a call from the restaraunt owner who needed emergency service. Flushing the toilet or running water in the sinks throughout the building was causing water to come up throught the floor drains. Immediate attention was required.

Water rising through resturaunt floor drain

Maintaining sanitary conditions at a resturaunt are of the utmost importance. Water coming through the drains can lead to serious health issues. This drain cleaning required that I removed the toilet in order to get proper access to the drain plumbing. I’ll do what is required to get the job done right! And I’ll smile the whole time! I take pride in doing the job right for you!

Removed toilet to perform a sewer rodding with our rooter machine

After rodding the floor drains you can see all works perfectly. Grease buildup, food and paper products and much more contribute to improper drain flow.

Resturaunt Floor Drain now working like new!

Radle Rooter offers routine maintenance for discounted prices that will keep your drains operating like they should. Please call to get on our routine maintenance program.